Outing Rules / Format

Shotgun Start: All teams will tee off simultaneously at different holes. Each team will receive their starting hole assignment at registration. Ladies play from the red tees. Men play from the white tees.

Scramble Format: On every hole, each member of the team hits every shot. The team then selects one of them from which to play and the rest of the team “scrambles” to get their own ball. All members then hit from that chosen position. This procedure is repeated until the ball is holed.

Selected Shot: Team members may place his/her ball within one club-length of the selected shot, but no nearer to the hole. If the shot selected resides in a hazard, bunker, rough, fairway, or fringe of the green, the ball must be played within one club length without improving the lie. (e.g. if you land in a bunker, you cannot use your club length to move the ball out of the sand. This applies to water hazards and OB (out of bounds) as well. 

Selected Shot (Putts): Mark the ball that is chosen. Each ball can be hand placed within a putter-head length of the mark no closer to the hole.

2 Tee Shot Requirement: Each team member contributes at least two drives. It does not matter where the ball ends up, as long as each player contributes at least (2) drives during the 18-hole round. Keep track on the scorecard. By the way, drives on Par 3’s do count as Tee Shots. Use of Mulligans for the Tee Shot requirement is not only acceptable it is encouraged! (Except on contest holes.)

Mulligan: Max 6 per team. Mulligans are 1 shot per player per team. Mulligans can be used for any shot except on Hole in One Challenge holes. A maximum of 6 mulligans per person is allowed. A team member may not use another team member's mulligan, and any unused mulligans are forfeited. Mulligans can be purchased at registration. Hole in One Challenge holes are the 3rd, 7th, 11th, and 16th holes.

Contest Holes: To qualify for the Longest Drive prize, the drive must be in the fairway. Mulligans can be used.

Weather: The tournament will take place rain or shine. The decision to close course due to unsafe playing conditions rests solely with the course. If play is stopped due to severe weather, the number of holes played will determine if the tournament will be rescheduled.

Cancellation policy: Cancellations received in writing on or before August 1st will receive a full refund. No refunds will be permitted after August 1st.

Silent Auction: A silent auction will not be held this year, due to Covid-19. Donations are welcome so bring your checkbooks!

A Good Cause: All net proceeds benefit TKO Premier SC Scholarship Fund.

Event Times

Registration Start9:00 AM
Putt for Dough9:00 AM
Event Start10:00 AM
LunchBox Lunch on Course
CocktailsCocktails on Course